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My honest review of Bums & Roses

Here’s my Bums & Roses review. I heard about it from my best friend who was a LS diehard. She is the one who got me using Little Sleepies and taught me about bamboo and the benefits it had for my baby. So I was surprised, maybe shoked, when she said she quit LS and moved to Bums & Roses!

Here’s my old onesie (and others!) stash (I spent more than $800 on these!):

I’ve always bought Little Sleepies and Kyte onesies for my baby. And I’ve been trying different bamboo brands for 4 years. We use bamboo everyday. At home, when going out to visit grandpa or out for some ice cream. And I can admit, I’m obsessed!

Even though my best friend who introduced me to Little Sleepies told me to, I didn’t quite believe Bums & Roses would be just as good! Before I put in my order I scouted the internet making sure I was getting the best quality and value for my money.

Then I realized Bums & Roses had a private facebook group where moms shared how long lasting and superb quality their onesies are!

That’s where I found exactly what I was looking for:

Wow! Bums & Roses is such a better deal. If you buy 3 footies (who buys 1? lol), LS zippies are $34 each vs $24 with Bums & Roses. This BUY2GET1 offer is available for any 3 items on the store.

See Bums & Roses footie prices here.

This is a screenshot of the comparison of prices!

Bums & Roses does free shipping, that’s also fast shipping. I got my order right away. The order came in a beautiful package and items where well protected, it’s just the right size (no waste).

I opened the items right away and made my little boy blind pick what to wear that day. He couldn’t tell the difference and for bamboo god’s sake he liked the Bums & Roses better. Then I did a blind softness test and couldn’t tell the difference in any item, except for the footie grips Bums & Roses adds (which are amazing for preventing them to fall).

Next, I took all of them to the laundry room and washed everything for a first time. Wow, the Bums & Roses fabric came out of it in perfect shape, no pinholes and the softness was exact the same. I called my best friend right away and told her she was right, Bums & Roses is the real deal.

Bums & Roses doesn’t just feel the same, it works the same. My baby girl is at that age where she doesn’t want to sleep. I’ve been using LS zippies to help her sleep and I switched to Bums & Roses and voila – it works the same. Bums & Roses footies work the same as LS zippies.

Here’s what I know:

1. Quality. Bums & Roses is the same 95% viscose from bamboo; 5% spandex as LS Lunaluxe. Bums & Roses is a US company owned by mamapreneurs, just like LS.

2. My Favorite LS prints. Bums & Roses has amazing vibrant versions for most (almost all) LS prints. Including my favorites “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Pink Farm Animals”. “Glow hard or glow home” is their “Nightmare”.

3. So many Positive Reviews. Bums & Roses has 5 STAR ★★★★★ REVIEWS. I read all of them, there are tons of 5 star reviews, see here.

4. Money Back Bums & Roses Guarantee. Bums & Roses has a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee where they give you a full refund including Bums & Roses paying for return shipping. I like to see a company stand behind their products that much. All companies should!

5. Bums with Benefits Program. Bums & Roses has the best rewards program out there, you’ll get bum bucks just for signing up and with every purchase, which you can then change for $ off! You will also get early access and instant drop day discounts when signing up for their program. Check it out here.

PROTIP: Take advantage of their BUY2GET1 welcome deal (use BUY2GET1″ code at checkout) to get an insane price for their products and buy any extra items on drop days when your reward discount code applies.

PROTIP #2: Sign up for their rewards program here, you’ll earn store money right away + free shipping + drop day discounts + $10 for every one you refer (you’ll do it a lot, trust me!).

PROTIP #3: Because it’s more affordable, I use each footie a lot more instead of being so precious about them.

I quit LS and now I buy all my baby wear from Bums & Roses. Here’s my new collection:

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